Tuesday, 2 January 2007

An Introduction to the ramblings of this blog...

Blogs are funny things people tap away at their keyboards, tapping out the daily doings of their lives, the boring, the average, the extraordinary, the weird and the wonderful. For many it's a way to get things off their chest, a way to speak out anonymously. Things that would normally be left unsaid or said out loud over the net.

This blog is not political, it's not going to be used to get things off my chest, instead I'm going to use it as a way to record my journey as I learn about art history and learn about art anatomy and other things. It may not be interesting to others, in fact it may well be boring for many of the passers by, however to me it will record the things I've learned and help me concentrate my thoughts.

So here it is, my thoughts, the books I read and the notes and sketches I make. I hope it will be enjoyable but if not for me it will be a useful record.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting a fairly high resolution scan of the Vitruvian man. I left my books in the states and have been searching for nice copy. Hadn't considered googling it but it worked.

Thank's again and good luck with your studies.


Narla said...

Thank you - very interesting. Helpful for me in searching for links between medicine and art theory. Narla